Early YearsEdit

Valdespin Heating, LLC. was founded by the late Jorje Valdespin in 1937. In those days most people couldn't afford a heater. But we had the lowest prices. Everybody could afford them. Since then we've been considered the best heating company in Seattle, Washington.

Late 1900sEdit

In the late 1900s, we were making lots of money. Then a horrible event occurred. A new heating company called Hy-Tech Sales Inc. opened in Pittsburg. We had some customers that lived there but now they go to Hy-Tech Sales. We tried a lawsuit aiganst them, but they won and did not owe us any money. That is when they became our biggest rivals.

Founded by the Late Dale Hyland in 1979


These days everything is normal at the company. We get lots of customers, and our award winning heaters are ranked #1 in Seattle, WA.

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